Monday, July 11, 2011

100 questions answered by me

According to me, the best and funniest way to tell you all about myself is for me to answer these 100 questions that I found somewhere on the internet. Enjoy!

1. Three names that I am listening to: Emilia, Räkan (the Shrimp in English) and Milia.
2. Something I like about myself: That I absolutly love myself and my body!
3. Something I don't like about myself: A hard question for me since me resent answer but maybe that I put a little bit too much pressure on myself sometimes. I am not fully satisfied with good and bad is a total catastrophe!
4. This I am afraid of: Snakes, darkness, death and lonelieness.
5. Three things I want everyday: Life, Love and Laughter.
6. Three things that I absolutly can't do: Let someone down,
7. Things I love to do: Live, Love, Laugh, spend time with my nearest & dearest, play football and ride the bus.
8. What I want to do right now: Have a long and deep conversation with Emma.
9. The best feeling in the world: Happiness. It might be a boring answer but it covers so much. If I would play for the national football team I would feel happiness, if someone tells me they love me I feel happiness and if I ride the craziest roler coaster with my best friend I feel, well guess what, Happiness.

10. The worst feeling: Loneliness and agony.
11. Properties I would like my partner to have: Loving, kind, spontaneous, ambitious, purposeful and he must be able to make me laugh.
12. I'm I in love right now: No, I am not.
13. Do I want to get married: I only want to get married once but sadly I've started to doubt marrige but I guess that love beats everything so if I find that right guy that would go through fire for me and I would the same for him then I guess I would change my mind and start to fully believe that we would live togethter until the end of time. So my final answer is yes, I want to get married because I want to believe in forever.
14. Things I want to do before I die: Well, I have a whole list of 100 tings written down plus at least 500 more stuff that I want to do so I think that I wait with this answer for a little while.
15. My very favorite thing I own: I really hate questions like this but I am going to say my football shoes since they get me through amazing moments and opportunities. They are also the perfect reality escape.
16. Something I would like to get as a gift: A book  or a song written about/to me.
17. This I am wearing right now: Black running-trousers, a red t-shirt, a brown knitted sweater and underwear of course.
18. My favorite clothes: All kinds of jump-and playsuites
19. Favorite animal: I hate this question since I have such a boring answer but I love both cats and dogs. I want to be able to say crocodile and mean it but I can't, my answer is cats and dogs I'm afraid. But I like lions aswell.

20. My kind of music: Thanks to Emma I've started to love girls playing guitarr or piano while singing calm and soft songs with deep lyrics. But I have to admit that I like some typical radio-music like Justin Bieber and Beyoncé aswell. I've got a lot of favorites but some of them are Adele, The Frey, Melissa Horn, The Script, Veronica Maggio, Gavin DeGraw and Lifehouse.
21. Favorite song right now: Actually the title is the same as the title of my blog, Hometown Glory performed by Adele.
22. The best and worst subject in school: My best is Social Studies and my worst is math.
23. Star sign: Gemini
24. A book I love: "Tillsammans" (a swedish word for "Together")
25. A movie I love: "The Blind Side"
26. A tv-show I love: One Tree Hill
27. Favorite smell: My skin after sunbathing, rain, plastic padding and fresh cut grass.
28. Things I like to eat: Chicken is a favorite but I also love all kinds of cakes!
29. I prefer to drink: Cranberry juice

30. Favorite candy: Well, everything that is sour but I prefer ice cream instead of candy.
31. I want to travel to: Wow, this list is long but just to mention some places, Ireland, Santorini, Canada, Tanzania.
32. The color of my eyes: Blue, Blue, Blue.
33. My length: 162 cm
34. I believe in: Myself
35. I play: I play football but I got the feeling they ment instruments and if they did then the answer is nothing, I play nothing.
36. Person I admire: Emma
37. I live: In Sweden on an island called Gotland in a red house.
39. This turns me on: Nice words and hands.

40. This turns me off: Disrespect.
41. Favorite color: Red and Blue.
42. Favorite quote:
43. A secret I know: I never tell secrets.
44. The best present I've ever gotten: As a little kid I remember when I got my bike and my desk, those were very special to me. But other than that, this computer and that night at the beach with Emma, she threw me a surprice celebration and she also gave me 8 wonderful letters.
45. Latest record I bought: Sadly I belong to a generation where the best and easiest way for you to listen to music is through your computer but I guess that the latest record was Kate Voegele's "A fine mess".
46. The thing I like the most of my body: I can't chose. I like the whole thing!
47. The thing I like the least of my body: I can't say.
48. An odd ability: Well, I have noticed that being 100 % happy with your body is very rare so, I guess the ability to love it.
49. If I were an animal I would be: I hope I would turn into a fat, lazy cat with a lot of hair!

50. What are you listening to right now: "Girls just wanna have fun" with Russian Red
51. What will you do today: Soon I will take the bus a few miles south of my hometown to spend some time with Emma who I haven't met in forever it feels like! The weather aren't perfekt but we planned to build a raft and also see the match between Sweden and Australia in the women world championship, but she don't know that yet...
52. Where are your parents born: Both are born in Visby/Vibble
53. What is the latest you installed on your computer: I HAVE NO IDEA.
54. Which resturante is your favorite: I don't visit resturantes that often so I don't know.
55. When was the last time you bathed in a pool: When I was on the Isle of Wight, so maybe 1 week ago?
56. Have you ever played a schoolplay: Well, I guess I have.
57. How many kids do you want to have: 4, but I hate the idea of being pregnant so we'll see after the first one.
58. Which kind of music do you hate: Screaming without melodi...I really don't get that.
59. Have you decided how to vote in the upcoming election: No , but maybe I should start thinking more about it.

60. Which Tv-chanels do you have: All the best plus a few that I never watch.
61. Have you ever ridden a scooter: Yes, actually I have once.
62. Have you ever preformed a prank: Never all alone but with friends, and I enjoyed it so I can't say it was all them I'm afraid...
63. Have you ever gotten "wrong-parking-fines": No, I don't drive and if I did I would be the best!
64. Have you ever tried/will you try Bungy jump: I've been thinking about that a couple of times and I guess I would do it if it felt serious and safe.
65. Do you have a garden: Well, together with my family I have one. I love it and can't imagine not having one .

66. Which comic book is your favorite: Calvin & Hobbes is just fantastic!
67. Do you know every word in the national anthem: I know the first two verses.
68. Bathtub or shower: Shower. Bathtubs can be very nice sometimes but shower is still my favorite.
69. Which movie is the best one you have seen this month: "Dumb, Dummer" on our way to Germany.

70. Favorite pizza: Kebab
71. Potato chips or popcorn: Potato chips beats almost everything, except for ice cream!
72. Which color do you use on you lipstick: I don't wear lipstick but if I did I would wear a natural color.
73. Have you ever smoked ground nut shells: Now I feel like this is crossing the line between fun and crazy-boring. But let's continue anyway, No, I have never done that and I don't think I ever will.
74. Have you ever competed in a beauty contest: No, I don't believe you can compete in that.
75. Orange och apple juice: It depends on when but I guess that nothing beats a really good glass of fresh pressed orange juice.
76. Who is the latest person you ate out with: My teammates and I had a couple of really nice meals in Germany. I can recommend KFC strongly!
77. Favorite chocolate: Anything with orange or mint.
78. When was the last time you voted: I guess sometime in school. I don't really put those things to mind.
79. When was the last time you ate a home-grown tomato: A few weeks ago.

80. Have you ever won a trophy: Yes, with my teammates.
81. Do you know how to cook: Yes, I like it!
82. Do you know how to refueling: No, I'm only 16, I'm not supposed to know that.
83. Have you ever ordered something from any tv-shop: No, but it seams great. Or they are just good actors.
84. Pepsi or coca cola: Coca cola
85. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to your work: No, I haven't.
86. What is your latest bargain: An amazing backpack from Berlin!
87. Have you ever vomited in public: Yes, I got seasick and started trowing-up at the ferry on my way to the mainland (for those who hasn't gotten it yet: I live on an island)
88. What do you chose, Become a billionaire or find true love: FIND TRUE LOVE!
89. Do you believe in love at first sight: No, that doesn't make any sense to me since I need to get to know the inside to really fall in love.

91. Can you be friends with your ex: I don't know, I guess it depends on how the two of them broke up but I want to be friends with them anyway.
92. Who was the last one you visited at the hospital: My great grandfather when I was...around 6?
93. Did you have a lot of hair as a baby: This question is for my mother, but I would guess that I had.
94. Do you have a message on your cellpone: No, I don't.
95. What does you backpack contain: Right now it's clothes, phone, iPod, One Tree Hill season 7,busscard and some other unimportant stuff.
96. What do you do before you go to bed: Read, check facebook, maybe watch some tv or walking my dog.
97. What are you grateful for: Friends, family, Emma, summer days and nights, my teammates, Sweden's success in the world cup and that everybody is healthy and alive!
99. Someone I would like to pass this on to: Emma.
100. Where did you sleep tonight: Emma and I slept in her garden in a hammock. Wonderful!

Now you have a little more info about me. If you have your eyes open I bet you'll find more.

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