Saturday, July 9, 2011


What happened? Well, since I've got this amazing friend, my life gets to good to be true and my dreams and wishes gets so much easier to reach and it's not just that I have a best friend. I've got Emma and she is not just anyone, she is the one! I think, or wait, I'm 106 % sure that she would do anything for me but even if she wouldn't I would try my absolute best to do anything and everything for her because she is just one of those people that you want in you life, no matter what.
So once again, what happend? Well, she made my blog perfect. I didn't even know how I wanted it but she did. She knew exactly what I wanted. And for those how are intrested in who this wondrous person is, her too beautiful blog is very much worth a visit so what are you waiting for!?

My Emma

And I wasn't really allowed to look at this design until she told me to but something tells me that she could have guessed that I couldn't wait!

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