Saturday, July 9, 2011

Outside my Hometown

Now I'm finally home for real from a long trip in two european countries and it just crossed my mind that I did this in two weeks. Amazing but if you want to catch that little special feeling about traveling I can recomend you to take a break and breath between your different journeys. Get home, eat some propper food, sleep in your own bed, smell your own pillow and hug your closest and just breath them in.
But also to strech it out a little, now I have about 7 or 6 almost cleen weeks and even if I know that they won't stay that way I would have appreciate to have at least one journey to look forward and plan the packing to.
But I'm absolutely not complaining, it has been 3 amazing first weeks to this years summerbreak and I know that this wonderful feeling I'm carrying around now, will last. So far this break has contained crazy kids at the football-school where I stepped in as a coach and I can assure you that it is tougher than you can imagine to handle 20 8-9 year olds. But I loved it anyway!
Then the Island games. I don't think that I've understand how huge that is! We lived in "kind-of-caravans" for 8 days while we played football, ate weird food, talked to other competitors and had a lot of fun.
And yes, I felt like a superstar.
At last, after spending 8 days with other (some older and very, very special) girls in England on the Isle of wight (the place of this years Island games) I felt like coming home when I went to Germany with my beloved teammates! We had 5 days of laughter and football and I really enjoyed it. We played agains one German team and won, 1-0 to the "away-team", us, and that was not expected. We also saw a great match of the womens World Championship, a match between the USA and our own Swedish team and once again we won!! 2-1. That was an amazing experience and after the game we saw some of the players cose-up and I've never felt so exited as when one of the players (can't remember which one) said "see you tomorrow" to us, since we got the opportunity to watch their training the day after the game. I got two autographs from Seger and Landstöm on my shirt and I will never use that one again.

And once again I felt a little like a celebirty when we came to the arena before the big game and everyone wanted to take pictures of us since we where an ocean of yellow shirts, a big Swedish flag and of course our great singing and screaming! We also found time to do some shopping and a visit to the capital, Berlin. It was so worth the heavy feeling of going once getting home that I had after getting home from England and it was also so worth all the thousands of hours on the buss and on the boat!
We had a great time and I could have stayed much longer! Love you guys.

My teammates and I lined up many times for other people to take pictures of us.

 I really love to travel, it can be 9 miles up the coast on our little island, it can be on camp to Germany or a sun&bathe vaccation with my family to Grece. I appreciate hours of waiting at airports, sleeping on busses to hotels or youth hostels and talking to the natives. I love to get up early to go and buy breakfast and try their specialties. I love to stop by a gas station just to strech your legs after hours on the bus or in the car and refill the snack stores. So I love travelin because I love every tiny part about it! Even the coming home part gets good, it feels different and it inspires me, I will always love and adore my Hometown.

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