Sunday, July 3, 2011

Part one.

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog! Right now I'm sitting in my  crazy messy bed with the best friend in the whole world, my Emma. She is struggling to find the right words to fill this first blog post, just like I am.
We love to blow up small things and make them big things and I love our crazy ideas! This time we decided to start our new blogs at the exact same time and even if I think that Emma managed to beat me with a few seconds this time (just like so many times before) we will still always say that we created our blogs at the same time and we will love it and it will be a part of our beautiful and unique friendship.

So for now I can tell you to look forward to a lot of homemade thoughts by me. Stories and memories will be published and a picture here and there if I remember. I hope that I can update as much as possible but since it's summer and the sun will hopefully shine (unlike today) I will enjoy that for as long as I can!
Tomorrow I'm going to Germany with my soccer/football team so I will be quiet for a few days but I can't blame that on the wheater I'm afraid. But while I'm gone you can visit for some amazing reading!

Bye for now!

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